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We have new Puppies in the nursery, Belle X Indy Born June 8, 2011

 Puppies are placed here in the nursery until approximately 3 - 4 weeks of  age.  At that time I can pretty much tell what their conformation will be. Deposits can be taken through Paypal.  I require a $200 deposit. Deposits will not be refunded if you change your mind.

We have 3 Boys and 1 Girl at this time.  

Please inquire by Email if you are instrested in being put on a waiting list. I will also be happy to answer any questions you have.


New Puppy's Born 6/8/2011. This is Belle with her Boy, Boy, Boy, and the Girl puppy.

All puppies are on the avaliable page now.. This will be our last litter for a couple of years.

Thank you for visiting.

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